Name: Raymond Anthony Rivera.Nickname(s):  Ray or Ray Ray.Age: 17, 18 next month.Current Location: Santa Barbara, California. (Technically, Isla Vista)Eye Color: Brown.Hair Color: Two Tone Brown, a mix of light and dark shades.Height: 5’11Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.Crushing?: Always.Pets: Coco Chanel and Tanky Poo.Job: Student, but I might have one after Wednesday.  Special Talent/Skills: The other day someone told me I had a good voice, and Brian said I can hold a note, there for I picking Singing.Fears: Death, Loneliness, Debt.Bedtime: Whenever I get sleepy.Parents’ Relationship: Nonexistent. Piercings: Ears, but I want nose piercings.Tattoos: Soon enough.Siblings: I have a younger brother named Steve.Favourite colour(s): Black, White, Green, Navy Blue, Gray, and Red.Favorite Animal: Anything when it’s a baby.Favorite Bands/Artists: of Montreal.Why Tumblr?: Why not?

in college, we read

Brian and I studying in the East Asian deparment of the library.As you can see, we are being very prductive.
The simplest things in life can bring the most joy. Watching a disney movie.(Tangled was adorable) A text message from a boy.Getting a Hello Kitty watch with a Happy Meal. I feel so good tonight.
Ravin’ and Misbehavin’TTYN 2010.
Je danse donc je suis.